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Workplace Coaching

Workplace Coaching


In order to be a great leader, one has to grow and develop as a human. If you work with me as your leadership coach you will gain insight in the areas that you want to grow in order to be a more confident and secure leader.

Specialized Coaching 


I help leaders overcome negative perceptions through a specialized coaching program. Leaders gain insight into their behaviors and have a better understanding of what the negative perceptions are, why they are occurring and how to permanently eliminate them. 

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Personal Coaching

Life Coaching  

Do you want a "Midlife Reinvention" of some sort? Midlife can be a time where you are questioning lots of what is happening in your life. What you want to be doing for the rest of your life? Who you want to have as part of your life? What kind of life you want to have? Midlife does not need to be a difficult time and you can thrive and become your best self. As a life coach, I help individuals get insight into what is most important to them so they can take care of themselves first. I help them love themselves more, have less anxiety, set better boundaries, and be more confident.  If you want support in accomplishing your life goals hire me as your life coach.  You will get insight, accountability and focus to be the person you want to be.

Health & Wellness  Coaching

Losing weight and doing exercise is hard stuff, especially when you have not lived your life eating very healthy and not moving as much as you would have liked. I know this very well as I spent most of my life eating whatever I wanted to and only exercising when it was really necessary. I realized though that I wasn’t taking care of myself and I wanted to live a long life. I changed my eating habits one small step at a time and started moving slowly. I can help you achieve better health through my health coaching program, where your health goals will be the focus of our sessions and you can move forward to start eating better and taking better care of yourself.

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