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Workplace Coaching

Specialized Coaching 


Hello. I am an accredited Boss Whisperer® who helps leaders overcome negative perceptions through a specialized coaching program. Leaders gain insight into their behaviors and have a better understanding of what the negative perceptions are, why they are occurring and how to permanently eliminate them. 

If you're an Employer or HR Professional:

  • Are you concerned about the behavior of any of your otherwise high performing leaders? Are they weakening a healthy work culture and forcing dedicated employees to leave the organization?

  • Are you receiving complaints about a leader’s behavior and the impact it's having on employees and the workplace?

  • Do you have staff that are reluctant or afraid to talk directly to their supervisor?

  • Are you dealing regularly with “people problems” and the aftermath of leaders’ behaviors?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help.


As an employer of a leader who is very capable and delivers great results, but lacks interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, it can be very difficult intervene for many reasons. Is what people are saying factual? Are people really struggling working under this person? What policy did this leader truly violate? Will I need to do a full investigation to determine the facts? How is it possible that these behaviors are really happening when the leader gets so much done?


Negative perceptions are real even if they are not a proven fact. They are true for the person who is perceiving them. It is true that a great performer can have abrasive conduct that creates suffering in the workplace for employees This is not acceptable, and the result will be employee dissatisfaction and disengagement, and, sadly, awesome employees will often just leave.


These abrasive leaders negatively impact those around them by lashing out in many ways, including micromanaging, short-tempered, over-reacting, publicly humiliating, threatening and, quite frankly, being a total jerk. These abrasive leaders rub people the wrong way. This is not the intention of these leaders, but they lack the insight necessary to make changes to their behaviors.


As a leadership coach who is trained in The Boss Whispering method, I can provide specialized coaching supported by substantial research and a time-tested, practical approach in turning these abrasive leaders around.  Leaders and businesses who I have worked with tell me the coaching process has made a positive difference for them and for their employees. Abrasive managers become much more aware of their impact on ways they can better manage their emotional responses. Employees also appreciate the fact that the employer intervened.


When leaders with negative perceptions are coached through my program, everyone wins. Employees get back to focusing on work and become more invested in the work they're doing. Employers have alleviated the risk of future attrition, litigation, and allowing bad behavior in the workplace. Respect, empathy, and tact are reintroduced into the work environment. Most importantly, suffering ends.

Contact me for more information about how to get help for your organization.  >

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Leadership Coaching


I would love to work with you on improving your leadership skills. As a manager and leader for over 15 years, l can help you show your talents that make you the best leader you can be. In order to be a great leader, one needs to grow and develop as a human. In my program, you will gain insight on what qualities you can bring to the table as a leader, and you will learn to appreciate being in a leadership role.  I look forward to helping you find your motivation to grow and become the leader you wish to be.

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