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"I believe that if a person is ready to make a few changes and willing to put in the effort, he or she would benefit greatly from Andrea’s services. We entered into life coaching just as the nation was closed down due to a crisis level pandemic. Her positive approach to my achievement of my goals, kept me positive in the face of adversity. Her straightforward, honest approach, and positive feedback facilitated my belief in myself. I was able to quit smoking, find my creative self, and focus on improving my health and spiritual connectedness. I was able to make big life changes in 90 days."

- Tracey

I used Muzikant Coaching during two major events in my life: quitting a stressful job and starting a new business.  During our sessions, Andrea didn’t provide answers.  Rather, she helped me work out solutions by asking me pertinent questions and helping me to dig deeper.  I was able to work through some very difficult issues through her coaching and guidance.  Andrea teased out ideas and information that was already in my heart and head that I didn’t have the confidence to believe on my own!  She has really helped me believe in myself, recognize the hard work I have put in, and have confidence in my own abilities.  That’s worth a lot.  I know I can go to Muzikant Coaching any time I want to work through a big change, and know Andrea will help me reach my full potential.



"Life coaching helped me transition from living day to day in survival mode to being my best self and thriving in life. I have learned to challenge myself to think outside the box, change negative thoughts to positive ones, practice lots of self-care, and most importantly, to love myself. I also learned to trust the life coaching process, and know that there would be moments of temporary discomfort as I walked the path of self-discovery and personal growth. I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking for a professional life coach that is caring, compassionate and has a wonderful sense of humor. I admire Andrea’s listening skills and ability to help you discover your own strengths and potential. You can trust Andrea to guide you on the path of self-discovery and growth through a safe, uplifting and light-hearted program."

- Jeanne

"I would recommend Andrea to anyone. Andrea held me be accountable and responsible for my choices and actions in my life. I have learned that I have all the answers and that I have the power and the ability to be the change I'm wanting to see in my life. Andrea is a good listener, light-hearted and funny. She always asked me the right questions that would make me dig deep to find the answers within myself."

- Jenny

I stopped practicing medicine in 2019 to devote time to my young children. Switching roles was accompanied by feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and uncertainty. Andrea helped me devise strategies to overcome some of these negative emotions and to change my perspective on how I perceived my own worth. Andrea is down to earth and wonderful- our conversations always felt organic and connected. She doesn’t lead you down a path but creates a framework for you to build and lead your own path. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!


"Working with Andrea, I realized how much more I can achieve and learn, if I stay focused on my goals and incrementally work on each action plan.  I believe that being accountable to Andrea made me practice being accountable to myself. Andrea is such a dedicated, principled, knowledgeable and caring coach. And funny too! The best part of life coaching is it got me out of being stuck/status quo. Thank you Andrea!"

- Sue

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